Own the White Space

As humans we like to believe we're good at seeing the whole picture. But, as I suggested in this piece, most of us are not. This is particularly true in business. Most managers focus relentlessly on serving the customer, making incremental improvements to core product or services, or finding yet another margin-saving efficiency. There is [...]

Two Words

Ying     Yang Black     White Up         Down Right    Left East    West North    South Open     Close Right     Wrong Learn    Unlearn  

Visualize Data in a New and Better Way

An awesome 5-minute video from Hans Rosling. I wish more people would unlearn their reliance on dry, boring statistics and engage data with the same passion and ingenuity as Mr. Rosling.  

A Video Addendum to the Visual Unlearning Metaphor

The other day I posted these photos as a visual metaphor for unlearning. A kind reader then shared this short video with me. It’s another great reminder of the idea that there will always be something new (and bigger) to unlearn in your future. Enjoy!  

A Visual Metaphor for Unlearning

You can be the smartest person in the world but "what you don't know" will always be greater than what you do know. Recognizing this reality can be the first step toward accepting the need to unlearn. Why? Because it is within this space of "the great unknown" where we will find those new truths [...]

The Fruits of Unlearning

Yesterday, after delivering the opening keynote (on future trends) at Beyond 2010 in Edmonton, I had the pleasure of also delivering the closing remarks. Not surprisingly, I discussed the importance of unlearning. In between, however, I had the immense pleasure of listening to a wonderful speaker, Peter Hinssen, who is the author of a new [...]

Move Differently to Unlearn

Lately, I have been noticing an interesting trend: More people are paying attention to how physical movement affects learning. For example, the other day, the Wall Street Journal had a fascinating article about how handwriting can help improve idea composition and expression. Clive Thompson at Wired had a great piece on how drawing–and not writing–may [...]