Perception: It’s a Male/Female Thing

This classic scene from Allie Hall reminds us that there is always more than one way to see the same situation–even if it is just “three times a week”: Interested in some other perspective-change posts? Check out these past posts: Perspective Matters Top to Bottom Leader or Outcast Aging from a New Perspective

Data vs. Intuition

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Can Unlearning Lead to Enlightenment?

Personally, I believe unlearning can lead to enlightenment but, since I am myself nowhere close to attaining this ideal, I'm for now content with achieving those smaller "aha" moments. I'm hopeful, though, that if I can string together enough such "moments" they just might lead to the promised land.  To this end, enjoy the cartoon [...]

Abe Lincoln Did Not Go to Law School

"Abe Lincoln did not go to law school." — Jack Uldrich, Futurist P.S. I'm in Montreal today to discuss the future of law and legal services at the Meritas Law Firms Worldwide annual meeting. The future of legal education (and the importance or non-importance of accreditation) is just one of the many trends I will [...]

Listen and Unlearn

Recently, I was on a flight and as we were descending the pilot's voice came over the intercom and, tongue-in-cheek, he asked everyone to "turn off their books." It was a funny comment but it does hint at a broader sea change — more and more people are reading books on their Kindles and iPad's. [...]

See the World From a Different Perspective

I'm a big fan of Tony Carrillo's comic strip "F Minus" for one simple reason: He sees the world from a slightly different perspective … as today's strip amply demonstrates. Interested in training yourself to see things from a different perspective? Check out these related Posts: Which is More Dangerous: A Jungle or a Tiger [...]

The Benefits of Not Knowing

While I personally believe there is great value in having some intellectual humility; starting an anti-library; keeping a notebook of things you don't know; and even embracing your ignorance, I had never thought about some of the other more intangible benefits of "not knowing." Below is a short, funny clip from comedian Pete Holmes. Enjoy!